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Posted On Tuesday, May 10th, 2011 By admin

Welcome to the CCA website.

We are a group of sci-fi fans that enjoy the Battlestar Galactica series – old, new and the upcoming Blood and Chrome. We get together in St Petersburg, FL to build costumes, meet at conventions such as Dragoncon, Megacon, Starfest, Shore Leave and many more, for fun, costuming and as much ambrosia as we can get!

Many of us have been in fandom for a long time, but there are also those who are new to it in our group. You will never feel uncomfortable asking questions or posting information. We all started the same way and want your input.

My name is Gene “Toaster” Haggerty – the Fleet Admiral . As you can figure out by the name, I wear a Cylon costume and make them here in my garage.

We have 3 different types of ships to date; an Original Series Battlestar (Odin), a New Series Battlestar (Phantom), and 2 Cylon Base ships – Basestar Alpha and Basestar Beta. You are welcome to join the ship of your choice.

Being part of another Battlestar fan club is not a problem, as many of us belong to numerous clubs. This is for fun and friendship first and just a club.
We don’t take this too seriously – it is just fandom.

If you have any questions, or would like clarification, feel free to contact me directly at

Regards and welcome,
FAdm. Gene “Toaster” Haggerty